Kalev Tiits - Stone Dance

Kalev Tiits - Stone Dance (SACD-1004)


Kalev Tiits, compositions

"The title of the record, Stone Dance, denotes to Dans Maen, a legend and a location reminding us of Europe's Celtic antiquity. The music on this record is however not made to directly represent a particular location, legend or event. Neither is it dance music in an ordinary sense. Rather, my mind joined the music to Dans Maen came after having composed it. Even without representation, a connection may be.

Behind this music, there are certain beliefs.
• Music should tell things that otherwise could or might not be told.
• Music should not be over-explained. It should speak for itself.
• Music can take your mind to places new and fascinating, maybe also to places old and fascinating.

I wish you an interesting journey."
-Kalev Tiits

Mastered at Editroom by Enno Mäemets.


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