Piia Kleemola & Co - Fiddle Feast

Piia Kleemola & Co - Fiddle Feast (SACD-1008)

Julkaistu: 23.4.2012


Piia Kleemola - violin
Emilia Lajunen - violin
Kukka Lehto - violin
Suvi Oskala - violin

1) Kiljander & Raharinki
2) Work, Part 1
3) Work, Part 2
4) Work, Part 3
5) Karjasoitto & Pollonesse
6) Jumalantauti, Sokeana
7) Jumalantauti, Pallo!
8) Jumalantauti, Karnevaalit kuolemassa
9) Danse du barbieres

Äänitys, editointi ja miksaus: Samuli Volanto, miksaus: Eero Grundström (1 & 6–8), tuottajat: Timo Alakotila,
Eero Grundström ja Piia Kleemola, masterointi: Pauli Saastamoinen, SACD-authorointi: Janne
Malén / DER Digital Editing Room, kannet ja valokuva: Tiina Laino, käännökset: Päivi Tikkanen, Jaakko
Tikkanen, äänitetty Etelä-Pohjanmaan Musiikkiopiston Kamarimusiikkisalissa.

Recording, Editing, Mixing: Samuli Volanto; Mixing: Eero Grundström (1 & 6-8); Producers: Timo Alakotila, Eero Grundström, and Piia Kleemola; Mastering: Pauli Saastamoinen; SACD Authoring: Janne Malén / DER; Recorded in the Chamber Music Hall of the South Ostrobothnia Music Institute.


Fiddle Feast introduces the diversity of fiddle – from gentle breaths to relentless bowing

Sibelius Academy's own record label SibaRecords introduces a new folk cd in April, when Piia Kleemola & Co's album Fiddle Feast is released. The line-up of the album consists of Piia Kleemola, Emilia Lajunen, Kukka Lehto and Suvi Oskala, all four playing violin.

Fiddle Feast was inspired by the last concert Kleemola organized as part of her doctoral work. Kleemola's dissertation topic was fiddler music in Finland and she wanted to crown the doctoral project with a fiddle band performance. "To join me in the band, I invited fiddlers whose sound and musicianship I admire. My vision was to create music from the Finnish vernacular and to present the versatility and gorgeous sound of the violin", says Kleemola.

Most of the melodies that can be heard on the CD are traditional and arranged by the ensemble. In addition, Kleemola commissioned Timo Alakotila and Eero Grundström to contribute to the album with original compositions. Fiddle Feast contains extremely wide range of violin music: violin polska tunes from Southern Ostrobothnia, violin music from the French Massif Central, drone playing, microintervals, violin polska tunes from Sweden, classical violin music, gentle breaths of air and relentless bowing.

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