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The 18th Finnish Music Researchers' Symposium, Seinäjoki 2.–4.4.2014

Interpretation – Past and Present


Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts Helsinki) and the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology invite all music researchers and researchers of complementary disciplines to the symposium in Seinäjoki, Finland. The theme of the symposium is interpretation.

Music performances and performing music are founded on interpretation. When research data is drawn from these phenomena, they are being interpreted. Visual representation of a sound is an interpretation; similarly sounds mediated through text, notation or other graphic rendition and then transformed to live sounds are being interpreted. Learning and making music by the ear is an interpretation as well as the scholarly description of this learning process. In everyday contexts we interpret our notions on music and musical experience by talking and writing about it. The issues of interpretation are highly relevant not only to contemporary research but to research of music history, too.

The relationship between music, research and interpretation evokes several questions. How to interpret and understand the use of music, the experience of it, the production and consumption of it in various contexts? How do methodological choices influence the interpretation of research data? How can the process of publishing results be analytically examined? How can the status of music research be interpreted as a part of a larger context of research in the changing university setting? What does interpretation of music and knowledge mean in music education?

The following internationally recognized scholars are addressing keynotes in the symposium:

  • Martin Stokes (King's College London)
  • Penelope Gouk (University of Manchester) [Update: unfortunately Dr Gouk's keynote is cancelled]
  • Holger Schulze (Humboldt Universität, Berlin)

The call for papers (á 20 min + 10min discussion), organized panel proposals (90min including 3 to 4 papers) and posters is now open. We cordially invite you to submit proposals which align themselves with the theme of the symposium. Proposals on other themes are also welcome. Languages for presentations are Finnish, Swedish or English. The deadline for submitting proposals is 22nd January 2014 (please see the submission buttons on the right hand side of the webpage). Acceptance notifications are emailed by 15th February 2014. 

The 18th Finnish Music Researchers' Symposium is celebrating 40 years of the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology.  The event is additionally supported by the National Doctoral Programme in Music Research.




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